Kiva will sunset operations of Kiva Protocol, effective June 30, 2022. To learn more, read the announcement on our blog.

Open-source infrastructure for financial inclusion

Kiva Protocol is a digital authentication platform connecting the public and the private sectors

Global Prize Winner

ID2020 Certification Mark

Digital Public Goods Alliance

What is Kiva Protocol?

A standards-based authentication platform for connecting government identity systems with financial services and payments infrastructure

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How does Kiva Protocol work?

Individuals store their ID credentials and other records in digital wallets, where they can control who can access the information

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Secure and compliant onboarding


Digital onboarding with Kiva Protocol is lower-cost and lower-risk, obviating the need for manual checks and potential fraud and increasing the cost-effectiveness of serving lower-income customers

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Portable, user-controlled financial records

Financial histories

Kiva Protocol can record a range of financial transactions, including informal savings and credit, cash aid, and more, enabling thin-file customers to gain a formal, portable financial history that can increase access to services

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Social benefits payments

G2P payments

Social protection and other G2P payment programs can use Kiva Protocol to accurately verify recipient eligibility and securely issue payments through a variety of payment channels

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Designed for developers

Kiva Protocol is fully open-source, and committed to working with and supporting the open-source developer community—come join us!

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